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The Gift

An Activation Path for Powerful Sensitives

Ready to Step into their Sovereign Leadership and

receive the fruits of their commitment to healing.

During this 7-week all-genders online program you will have the chance to

fully embody The 7 pillars of Sovereign Leadership:

  • Balanced of the inner Feminine/ inner Masculine
  • Freedom from the Past
  • Unlimited Creativity
  • Authentic Embodiment/ Acceptance of Self
  • Power of One's Unique Voice
  • Reliable Intuitive Guidance
  • Trust in Magic, in Source.

Tired of healing and ready for thriving?

Are you a Powerful Sensitive?

An Empath recovering from


( often still embedded in Adverse Childhood Experiences ) ?

A longtime Seeker ready to step into Sovereignty?

A Visionary waiting to be offered a seat

at the table of active players?

A Healer in need of new

evolutionary tools?

A Teacher learning to let go of the outcome and ready to bloom in Trust?

A Warrior softening into deep humility, anchoring a new kind of courage?

Are Magic and Alchemy words that attract you?

Are You ready to co-create a Life reality that meets your essence ?

For your Work, relationships, Home, dreams to reflect the goodness you have inside...? This is a New Kind of Love Revolution ; )

The Gift is YOU

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- Are you a " transition character "?

The one who swore to end the line of ancestral trauma in your family?

- Are you struggling with old patterns of thinking that keep

hindering your access to Your Authentic, Sustainable Inner Power and

the Embodiment of your Life's Purpose?

- Are self-sabotage and lack of self-confidence still subtly undermining your ability to

receive what you long for?

When we come from a background of Complex-PTSD and a high score in A.C.E ( Adverse Childhood Experiences ) the creation of our heart's visions can look like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Working with teammates and a mature mentor

who has “been there" and has trail-blazed some direct pathways to Sovereign Leadership will exponentially support your inner and outer Harmony, Agency and Empowered Embodiment.

Our Curriculum for this 7-week Journey

Module 1 - Space, Body Temple Communion, Healing the Root, Being Earth, Safety in the Body.

How do I Fully and Authentically Embody Presence in Myself?

Module 2 - Individuality, Separation, Merging, Polarity, Grief of Change and Loss, Clearing Ancestral Ties.

How do I enjoy and flow with

the River ?

Module 3 - Creative Expression, Fear of One's Power, Power over, Rebellion, Reactivity versus Creativity.

How do I dance harmoniously with my Ego?

Module 4 - Forgive, Forgive, Forgive.

Self-Love, Gratitude, Devotion, Faith,

Return to Innocence.

How do I make Peace with Pain and

trust my heart again?

Module 5 - Power of Clear Intention, Calling Truth, Fearlessness, Unity, Wo/Manifestation.

How do I stand for myself in Sovereignty?

Module 6 - Listening, Intuitive Guidance Development, Magic, Wisdom Practices, Boundaries.

How do I forgive myself for the times I did not listen?

Module 7 - Trust in Source, Being a

Clear Channel.

How do I Reconcile my Singularities and Own my Wholeness?

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before you apply

This Experience is for you IF :

  • You are committed to your growth and evolution.
  • You are ready to let go of old emotional patterns.
  • You already have an understanding of the power of your choices, thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • You are open to receiving guidance, nudges and reflections.
  • You could use support balancing yourself into Mastery.
  • You are ready to live in Purpose, Power and Passion.

This Experience is NOT for you IF:

  • You have no trust in anything but your rational mind.
  • You will always blame others instead of looking at challenges as opportunities.
  • You don't want to learn to see challenges as opportunities
  • You don't see how you could learn from others who seem different from you.
  • You are more comfortable with despair than joy


  • 7 Council Calls
  • 2 Private Sessions with Yemaya
  • 7 Accountability Partners Calls
  • 7 Modules including Video Lessons, Audio journey, Transformative Homework and Practices, Writing Prompts, and Articles.
  • Private Community Inspiration Thread
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Dream tending practices

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