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Embodied Expansion Retreat Testimonials

I don’t usually put myself first and do something like this for myself. So, I was definitely out of my comfort zone going into this Embodied Expansion retreat and was concerned it wouldn’t be worth it. Within the first couple of days, I was put at ease that it was the right decision. I still can't believe how much I received from this retreat! Thank you, Yemaya! I learned so much, I experienced many new things, and I made many new friends! Even more importantly, I grew as a person. I was able to see and understand myself and others more as we truly are. After I went home, I was able to make connections about things that have plagued me my whole life. This experience has truly changed my life! I am so grateful that I was drawn to this and dared to show up for myself!

Natalie C.

I was looking for a trauma-release retreat when I came across Yemaya’s event. Guided by solely intuition, I put my faith in her work and wasn’t let down. It turned out to be so much more than I was looking for. Yemaya’s ability to hold a container is outstanding. She possesses a remarkable range of ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals and experiences.
Not only was our retreat full of opportunities to release trauma through multiple approaches, but it also presented various techniques for the continuation of such work in solo and group settings. I walked away feeling much lighter, and having gained multiple unexpected insights and realizations that were long overdue.
If you’re ready to do some serious work and bring more of your higher consciousness into your body, don’t hesitate to contact Yemaya!
With a special thank you to her guest teacher Trish De Rocher, and with gratitude -

Irina L.

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