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Yemaya Indira
The Embrace
Transformational Mentoring

" I have walked the path from Grief to Love and
Trauma to Freedom and I invite you to follow me."


The Embrace offers online and in person individual

Healing Sessions and Life Mastery Online Group Programs.

​Schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session

to find out which format will benefit YOU the most!

                                                                    Is it time for you to:

  • Let go of the old emotional patterns and false beliefs that are keeping you from stepping fully onto your path of Freedom, Joy and Creativity?

  • Reach crystal clear clarity and connectedness to fuel your Soul’s purpose?

  • Release the pain weighing on your body and brain, keeping you from achieving impactful presence and delicious manifestations?

  • Learn practices to heal your nervous system and set you up for the success and fulfillment you dream for yourself?

  • Find your heart tribe and the means to make a difference in today's world?

  • Have more fun and flow?


I have the roadmap, the tools, the expertise, the depth and the infrastructure to help you get there and embody who you truly are!


It is my passion and honor to assist you with my expertise in:

  • Freedom from childhood adversity

  • Recovery from PTSD (trauma and loss)

  • Understanding of your body's voice and mystery

  • Reclaiming your aliveness and joy after depression and difficult transitions

  • Empowerment to thrive within your soul purpose

  • Living in Magic, fully embodied.

Yemaya Renuka Mentor The Embrace PTSD recovery


- formerly known as

Yemaya Renuka

Empowerment mentor, longtime community visionary, soulful embodiment midwife, teacher, helping humanity to align in freedom and protection of the Earth's beauty.

Yemaya is an Intuitive Kinesthetic Empath with over 25 years of practice and expertise in the Healing Arts, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Release Work, Eastern and Western Spirituality, Community Development and the Performing Arts.

Her latest continuing education credentials are with the NARM Institute ( Neuro Affective Relational Model ) for C-PTSD recovery, as a NARM-informed professional.

Bring healing magic to your life
Reach the courage to be free

Individual Sessions and Group Programs

Yemaya Renuka Mentor The Embrace PTSD recovery
     Bones of Freedom: Somatic Healing Bodywork

Unwinding the Heart of the Matter.

A deeply holistic and powerful starting point and a solid foundation for your healing journey.

We will address the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy Body and Spiritual Connection

Sovereign: A Reclaiming Journey
A 16-week adventure of Healing, Reclaiming, Anchoring and Sharing.

Transform Life's Challenges into the Gift you share with the world.
Living in Magic ( priorly The Earth Guardians Wisdom Academy )

The Embrace's new 4-fold Life Journey Program.

Regain full trust in your relationship with Life. 

For Visionary Leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to reach their full impact on the planet.

Restore your magical connection with Self, Source, each other and
the beauty of the Earth

Love notes for Yemaya's Work

Adorable Chick

Hannah, Massage Therapist

I feel completely different, calm, smooth. I haven't felt this connected to me, myself, my body for years!

Thank you so much .

You and your sacred work are miraculous.

Adorable Chick

Yoga Instructor

What a magical class!

Yemaya has the ability to transmit this unique healing energy to her students.

Working with her in a class format allowed me to tap into and attune to the authentic healer within me.

I felt an ancient innate healing wisdom reawaken.

This is the work our world needs right now more than ever!

Adorable Chick

Jeff, MSW

Yemaya posseses an astounding ability to reach inside one's Soul.

In her class demonstration

I experienced the most powerful emotional release experience I've had in many years. I am very grateful for her work.

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