Past Events:

Big Island of Hawaii - September Offering

September 16th, 2 - 5:30 pm

An Intimate and different kind of Men Circle

4 Women holding 4 different Female Archetypes will create a Space of Healing for the Heart of the Masculine with the intention to awaken the True Warrior.

The True Warrior protects Life and works with Feminine and Divine Intelligence to bring Goodness back to Mother Earth, Gaia, for the Children and the Sacredness of the Human Soul, and the Sacredness of all Life.

We are Therapists, Somatic and Embodiment Mentors, Ceremonialists, Teachers,

Mothers, Maiden and Wise Woman.

We have healed our relationships with the masculine and want to support our men during these precious, tender times on the planet.

No prior experience is necessary but your willingness to open up ( to at least yourself ) is...

You might not resonate with some of the word I use yet you are feeling

the pull to join us that day...

You are welcome to reach out to me and schedule a short call and see if

this could be something

deeply healing for you.

Here is what we are going to do:

  • Create a Space of Respect and Authenticity for All Hearts to be Held in Reverence
  • Create an Altar to mourn the Shattered Innocence
  • Reclaim the Strength and Wholeness that is All Beings Birthright
  • Drink Cacao to soften the Heart's Protective Walls
  • Dance or shake a Wave of 5-Rhythms / Sweat Your Prayers to move energy and reach the feelings that live underneath the surface
  • Learn about "Somatic Posturing" and how it is in the way of Authentic Vitality and Freedom
  • Share from the Heart, Listen from the Heart
  • Be Held by the Feminine Ritualistically
  • Heal together
  • Journal, possibly

Here is what we are NOT

going to do:

  • Be disrespectful with one another
  • Refuse to Hear what is Being Offered
  • Judge Oneself and Others Harshly
  • Leave in the Middle of Things

( Outside Breaks are ok but one needs to commit to the event for Healing )

  • Shout at anyone present

( Shouting at someone from the past might be appropriate at some point )

  • Intentionally cause chaos.
  • Try to endlessly discuss our different take on grief, religion, men, emotions and healing.

" I have worked with men for over 30 years now, in my Somatic Trauma Healing Bodywork practice.

These last couple of years, men started joining my online group offerings and started getting coached individually.

Often, depression would be the motivator. Often, once we digged in, we found different faces of abuse from childhood. Violent mother or father, sexual abuse from siblings, nannies, parents, bullying in school grounds.

Sometimes pressure to perform a certain way to keep the family unit " functioning " would rob them of their authenticity.

Often it is the innocence of their hearts, their self-confidence and their ability to love themselves that had been destroyed.

Here in Hawaii, Kanaka Maoli families in addition to the excrutiating pain to have been robbed of their land and culture, deal with the weight of whatever supported them to cope

with having to defend their dignity and sanity - such as substance abuse - taking them from their true heart and strength.

This event has been brewing in me since 2020, when I moved back to my beloved island of Kaua'i, which was my home for 14 years before I left in 2015.

I was raised by a single father from age 5 on. He was my first teacher.

The pain he created between my mother and I was the gift that started me on my healing path as a young woman of 20.

We had the most extraordinary healing before he passed in 2009.

I hold a deep compassion for the Heart of the Warrior.

I come to this event with love, curiosity, innocence and respect.

I hope you will too."

Yemaya Indira, RMT. RYT, LMT

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