The Embrace

Mentoring to the Heart of the Matter

Bones of Freedom Bodywork

Discover a new freedom of choice and movement as you lastingly dismantle long-held unconscious patterns of Body and Mind, emotional trauma, physical restrictions, and protective attitudes in a compassionate, empowering body-based format.

Dive into the heart of the matter, figuratively and literally, and have a chance to experience Yemaya's uniquely comforting expert touch:

Physical Benefits:

Injury Recovery

Acute Pain Relief: Sciatica, Whiplash, Sacro-iliac joint issues

chronic tensions

Natural Realignment

Ultimate Freedom of Movement

Effortless Breathing

Emotional Benefits:

Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attack Recovery

Trauma and C-PTSD Healing

Aliveness and Vitality

Alignement with one's true Purpose and Heart

Our sessions of Bones of Freedom Bodywork include a nervous system reset and an unwinding of the muscle groups that have created protective positioning to help us cope with pain, but in the long run, stifle our life force.

The verbal processing of the pain as the body is held in love and safety allows for it to be fully released (w)holistically.

The whole person realigns with freedom, love, and wholeness."

Single session is $165

The 3-session bundle is $445 (recommended)

Are you:

- A practitioner of the Healing Arts, a Somatic Practitioner, an Embodiment Coach excited to share your passion and knowledge, but struggling with the business building aspect of your craft?

- A multi-facetted visionary working hard at creating change but not reaching the impact you desire?

- Are you ready to finally embrace a new career but feel hesitant as you always worked for someone else or felt hindered by insecurities born from your past?

- An eccentric divinely inspired game-changer needing some step-by-step support to ground your downloads in the 3D?

Working with a mentor with 30 years of expertise in Soul-Entrepreneurship combining her profound wisdom in Somatic Healing and C-PTSD with her experience of running her own businesses ( Brick and Mortar Healing Centers since 1995 and Online Business since 2019 ) and who has studied with the best will change not only your clarity, ease and achievement but will boost the sustainability and authenticity of your longterm dreams by giving you a roadmap to navigate Life’s cyclic changes.

The rhythm:

- a 90-minute Zoom session every other week.
- a 20 to 30 minutes phone call the other two weeks.
- 2 Lessons or Homework every week ( both practical entrepreneurial steps and emotional healing depending on the needs of the week )

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Embodied Soul Entrepreneurship

This 1 to 3-month-long individual online mentoring provides you with both practical tools and the inner alignment needed to reach your purpose and business goals.

We will address your needs with in-depth somatic awareness ( body and mind connection ), uniquely designed visualizations, intuitive guidance, and experiential psychology to sort through your story to extract the higher truth of the matter regarding your Soul's calling and its manifestation fulfilling your financial goals.

This elevated perspective will inform us with the necessary practices and homework to help you move in the direction of a life filled with magic, beauty and fulfillment.

Together we will address:

  • Family of Origin Money Patterns and how to transcend them.
  • Mending the Gap between your Soul vision and your conditioning.
  • Healing the 3D pressure.
  • Trusting your Gift
  • How can your Gift sustain you?
  • Mapping the Course.
  • Staying the Course.
  • Confidence to Speak your Truth and use the Power of your Voice to create.
  • Shifting your Abundance resistance.
  • Creating your Receiving Container.


  • Budgeting with Heart.
  • Developing community in a new location.
  • How to create a web of support with your new community.
  • Your Success Persona and how to meet the world so it responds to you in a supportive way.

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