Yemaya Renuka

Yemaya was propelled on her healing path in her early twenties, after moving to San Francisco from France, with the need to transmute her childhood adversity into the very gold she has been offering the world since the early 90's.

After discovering the power of rituals and Earth consiousness, training back to her roots in European Shamanism, she moved to the peaceful hills of the Marin Zen Center - Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach - where she was trained into discipline and meditation. That is where she first heard of the Somatic Bodywork which became her expertise, 27 years ago.


She graduated from the Rosen Method Center in 1995 and continued to assist Marion Rosen and the school for another 4 years.

She became a fervent Yoga practitioner in the late 90's and graduated as Eight -Limbs Ashtanga Yoga instructor in 2002, under the guidance of Baba Hari Das and the Mount Madonna Center with which she stayed involved as an assistant YTT trainer for a few more years.

During her 25 years of practice and studies of other modalities she has developed mastery of the perfect mind-body healing touch, depth of listening and a keen gift for human empowerment.


She has now successfully created a complete online system which combines the Somatic Awareness of her bodywork Bones of Freedom with the intuitive kinesthetic empath gift that she has kept expanding into over the years, her leadership experience as an international workshop and retreats facilitator, and a road map to deep Self-Love and courageous active compassion for the present condition of our beloved planet.

Balancing precision and understanding of the 5 bodies ( physical, emotional, mental, energetical and spiritual ) with heartfelt presence and spacious guidance she allows for each individual's innate power of healing to activate and lead the way.

She has worked and contributed to conscious intentional communities in California, Hawaii, France, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and New Zealand.

As a bodyworker and yoga teacher on the island of Kauai and the South of France  she's had the chance to work with the rich and famous: Bono and The Edge ( U2), Ed Norton and Salma Hayeck, Anthony Kiedis ( Red Hot Chili Peppers ), Nick Nolte to name a few.

Beloved teachers of the Female kind:

Marion Rosen, Angeles Arrien, Starhawk, Ann Renee Rosencranz, Rowena Patti Kryder, Anodea Judith, Sahn Kai Ashena, Kumu Puna Dawson, Le'ema Kathleen Graham, my mother Dolly, my grandmother Mireille, la Reina del Mar, la Reina de la Floresta...and many others including the children

Beloved teachers of the Male kind:

Baba Hari Dass, Abbot Norman Fisher, Abbot Reb Anderson, Adyashanti, Matt Kahn, my father Jacques...and many others including the children

Beloved teachers in the non-human form:

Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, Mother Mary, A long lineage of Goddesses especially Yemaya, Isis, Nuit, Lakshmi, Bridgit, Kuan Yin and Saraswati.

Archangel Michael, Ashtar.

Angel dogs who have blessed my life with their presence, Angel cats who have blessed my life with their presence, most beings of the natural world ...and many others