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Initiation as path to healing and transformation

Learn to trust the Grief waves
Move from Tainted Grief to Pure Grief
Clear the pain of your inner child
Learn healthy mourning rituals
Own your essence and the gift you hold

In this Course you will learn or be reminded of:

  • How to use the Ceremonial Arts to Heal Your Grief.

  • How to trust yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself after a deep loss experience.

  •  How to mourn life's changes and losses in a way that transforms you into a pure vessel living in grace and alignment.

  • How to reclaim your anger, your sacred rage as the creative power tool it is, knowing when to use it and when to drop it.

  • How to reclaim your authentic path out of generational pain.

  • How to find your very unique gift and the confidence to share it with the world in service and abundance.

  • How to trust yourself, your relatives, your community, your world to find its way back to goodness and truth.



- If you are ready for more confidence in your innate ability to let emotions move healthily through your body and mind.

- If you need expert mentoring to get to the root of old patterns, to befriend that "thing you do" that leads to self-sabotage and to transform it into a strength.

- If you need to anchor ways to receive and trust in higher guidance, healing all disconnection from Source, the Divine, Mother-Father God.

- If you could use a Soul Tribe to get you through the Holidays and heartfully escort you to the best version of yourself for the New Year...

- If you want to learn to deepen a healthy relationship with your inner child and reach the peace and wisdom of emotional maturity.

Yemaya holds a space of deep compassion for fellow travelers on the Sacred Grief journey and brings her 30 years of experience of facilitation in

Rosen Method Somatic Therapy,

Heart Healing, Trauma Recovery, Embodiment Practices ( Yoga and Dance),

Meditation, Community Building, and the Ceremonial Arts.

This year she added to her medicine bag a NARM

( Neuro Affective Relational Model ) - informed Professional Training.

  • Weekly Group Calls: 3x 90-minute group calls with me and a community of brave Heart Warriors ready to discover the Gift of Grief.

  • Weekly 1:1 Calls:  2 x 1-hour private sessions with me to get to the root of your grief and support your unique transformation.

  • 3 Weeks of School Library Content: evolving with the group needs ( teachings, videos, writing prompts, assignment, personal ritual guidance) to help you break through and reach the gift awaiting you.

  • 1 x 15-minute Emergency Call with me to get you out of the woods if the muck gets too deep.

  • A supportive community and a "perfect match" accountability partner, keeping you accountable and focused throughout the course. 

Sign up by December 20th and receive these awesome bonuses:


Opening Winter Solstice Ceremony

Lifetime access to my hour-long interview with guest teacher Tara Coyote, author of Grace, Grit and Gratitude.

3 months of FREE access to The Embrace upcoming membership site.

   What you can expect:

  • To feel safe, to feel cared for and to belong. Quickly!

  • To learn new ways of being embodied through Somatic Practices, Qi Gong, Pranayamas, and self-nurturing Healing Rituals.

  • To be exposed to the power of Mythology and Archetypal inner work

  • To laugh, to cry, to move energy, and to be witnessed with love.

  • To make deep and long-lasting connections.

  • To come out stronger.

  • To come out clearer.

  • To come out freer.

  • To come out empowered

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