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Testimonials for The Embrace's Online Programs


I am so thankful for Yemaya’s heart offerings ! It’s so wonderful to have access to a mentor during challenging times in our lives.

I have benefited immensely from her one one on one somatic bodywork sessions for quite some time.

When I took the plunge and signed up for the Deep Dive into Deep Trust 16-week journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did feel strongly called and guided to support myself during a major life transition….
Moving homes, new relationship, change of direction in career, spiritual and emotional issues arising as well. All of it was up for me… and still is! But now I feel like I can meet those challenges with supportive practices and a new sense of emerging self trust!

Receiving the guided support of Yemaya and the reflections from the other women in our container helped me to ground and anchor through the waves of uncertainty. 

Yemaya is gifted in her ability to create a space of safety, thus making it possible to feel our emotional layers, bringing renewed feeling, deeper understanding and ultimately facilitating embodiment. 

During our journey I looked forward to our weekly zoom calls, homework, one on one sessions and check ins. 

I recommend Yemaya’ s offerings of presence wholeheartedly during these transitional times when we are being asked to take a leap of faith and trust ourselves to navigate these new waters.

Renee Samanthia, Artist

COMMUNITY REPORT For Bones of Freedom

Yemaya gave me one of the most powerful, intuitive, useful session I've ever had.

It was the message I needed exactly when I needed it.

It helped me re-engage with my purpose, with hope and with my belief that I can do this.


Bradley Thomason ~ POTENTIALIZED  CEO, Founder, Author

Who do I guide?


  I guide and empower women and men going through life's major rites of passage:

  • Young professionals, seekers, community visionaries completing their journey into emotional sovereignty and freedom of action.

  • Baby boomers in life's challenging transitions (death in the family, divorce, health challenge, career change).

   I also share leading edge somatic tools and the best practices in human potential and train:

  • Coaches, therapists, bodyworkers and human resource staffs to address their clients and teams in a new  holistic way with high performance outcome.

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