Yemaya gave me one of the most powerful, intuitive, useful session I've ever had.

It was the message I needed exactly when I needed it.

It helped me re-engage with my purpose, with hope and with my belief that I can do this.


Bradley Thomason ~ POTENTIALIZED  CEO, Founder, Author

Who do I guide?


  I guide and empower women and men going through life's major rites of passage:

  • Young professionals, seekers, community visionaries completing their journey into emotional sovereignty and freedom of action.

  • Baby boomers in life's challenging transitions (death in the family, divorce, health challenge, career change).

   I also share leading edge somatic tools and the best practices in human potential and train:

  • Coaches, therapists, bodyworkers and human resource staffs to address their clients and teams in a new  holistic way with high performance outcome.