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The 16-week journey to heal, reclaim, anchor and share the wholeness that is yours.

Healing to Wholeness and Sovereignty is rarely an easy straight path.

Your Soul might have come to Earth at this time to learn deep and challenging lessons.

During this 16-week program, you will reach crystal clear insights into the transformative value of your inner struggles and painful life patterns; you will reclaim the gold of that transformation, anchor your sovereignty holistically ( in all areas of your life ), and take action toward sharing your gifts with the world in profitable ways.


Dear sister

When I started on my healing path 30 years ago I thought I was gonna get in and get out! That I was going to wake up one morning and declare to the world " I'M HEALED " .

I soon realized that it was not what this lifetime was about.

When you survived complex-PTSD, it is much more about learning how to dance with your demons, how to reclaim your innocence and power and how to reach what I call Firm Wholeness, the safe haven within that you come back to over and over, NO MATTER WHAT.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, I diligently studied almost every road to healing and wholeness available around  the world for the last 3 decades and I am offering you the integrated version so that YOU can offer your gifts to our planet in need and save time, money and possibly some unnecessary heartaches.

Tropical Flower

Join a fabulous community of women devoted to their healing and the love of Gaia, our beloved  Planet.

I'm always astonished at the quality of women drawn to my programs...No matter the age or the walk of life, there is a willingness to go deep, an ability to be supportive and a knowing that we learn by witnessing each other heal and grow. Truly each group is a demonstration of the law of synchronicity, and my heart sings when I witness the relationships that emerge out of our time together.

This Program is not for you if...

This Program is for you if...

  • You are committed to your growth and evolution.

  • You are ready to let go of old emotional patterns.

  • You already have an understanding of the power of your choices, thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • You are open to receiving guidance, nudges and reflections.

  • You could use support balancing yourself into Mastery.

  • You are ready to live in Purpose, Power and Passion.

  • You have no trust in anything but your rational mind.

  • You will always blame others instead of looking at challenges as opportunities.

  • You don't want to learn to see challenges as opportunities

  • You don't see how you could learn from others who seem different from you.

  • You are more comfortable with despair than joy


What if your Life's journey was the gift you came to offer the world but you forgot the last part of the alchemical formula?

Do you feel close to the life you dreamed of but you keep running into an issue that keeps things from truly " gelling " ?

What if you were supported by an expert and finally could see that blind spot and learn how to gently embrace and dissolve it?

What if by working with a group of devoted Heart Jedis for a season

you were able to not fall into the old traps ever again, and you finally moved forward in a continuous way?

I dare you to choose you, beyond your past and your fears.

I dare you to jump in and become Sovereign

Sovereign... Free from identifying with the pull of your past.
Sovereign...You remember that the Universe has your back.
Sovereign...Your emotions are waves, not tsunamis anymore!
Sovereign...You stop trying so hard and trust the Love that you are.

  • Are you a " transition character"? The one who swore to end the line of ancestral trauma in your family?

  • Are you struggling with old patterns of thinking that keep hindering your access to true inner power and the embodiment of your life's purpose?

  • Are self-sabotage and lack of self-confidence subtly undermining your ability to receive what you long for?


When we come from a background of Complex-PTSD and a high score in A.C.E ( Adverse Childhood Experiences ) the creation of our heart's visions can look like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Working with teammates and a mature mentor who has

“ been there " and trail-blazed some direct pathways to FIRM WHOLENESS, will support exponentially your inner and outer Harmony, Agency and Aligned Embodiment.


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

My promise to you ( what you will receive from joining this program )

Authenticity and Wholeness

( what happens when we are not ? )

                                                                        We might have become :

  • people pleaser

  • unfulfilled

  • confused

  • resentful

  • poor choice-maker


Embodied Freedom

Together we will awaken and integrate the parts of you that have hidden or numbed to survive and be loved. You will experience a new level of feeling at home within yourself.


Harmonious relationships

Childhood trauma can keep us from receiving the nurturing connections we long for.

Sometimes we know the core of our wounding but we are blind to the “arms of the octopus", the subtleties still affecting our dealings with the world. During these 4 months, you will have the chance to heal

the relationships that matter.


Clarity of purpose

To protect our true hearts from painful judgment, criticisms, and belittlement, we deem or distort our light, our passion and our wisdom, losing connection with the direction of our true unique calling.

It is crucial that we all reclaim our true North at this time. Sovereign is designed for you to find the clarity and courage to step on your path, full on.

Join Sovereign

July 16h to November 12th

Step 1 - Schedule a call to discuss investment and payment options.
Step 2 - You will choose if you are ready to invest in yourself at this time.
Step 3 - Apply to Sovereign.
Step 4 - Receive our FREE introduction bonus course if you applied before July 9th.

When is the perfect time to attend Sovereign?

  • You have become an empty nester
  • You just graduated from College or University and preparing to step into a career
  • You know from deep inside that you cannot continue with your current career
  • You long for a different life
  • You need a big change to keep showing up in your current life

 Teaching schedule

Each month you will receive and participate in:


  • 3 Group Calls  ( 90 minutes).

  • 2 Private Mentoring Sessions per month ( 60 minutes )

  • 1 Emergency Integration Call ( the equivalent of a "Ask me anything Call" when facing a rough patch or an important decision - 30 minutes)

  • 3 weeks of uniquely designed lessons on The Embrace Online School with videos, writing prompts, homework, rituals, articles, guest teachers and practice sheets.

  • 1 Week off with an Inspiration Theme for Integration.

Our Work Together

Month 1 - HEAL - In order to heal we need to clearly identify our blind spots...that is the hardest step to do alone in our healing journey 'cause...yup! those aspects of ourselves, those patterns, are elusive, often subtle, and our ego will fight the fight to keep them in place.
That's when your mentor comes in, with a soft paw or a whip, depending on what you need !

Month 2 - RECLAIM - In order to survive or cope with our early life's journey we had to abandon parts of ourselves and toned down our authenticity. Some of us had to make ourselves smaller to fit in a box, some of us had to pump ourselves bigger than our true heart deserved.
Together we will call in those parts back, by creating the space for them and welcoming them home.

Month 3 - ANCHOR - Through practices and rituals we integrate the changes, overcoming the tests and challenges we might experience when we open to big shifts and inner and outer changes. We anchor the new in our cells and in our holistic entirety.

Month 4 - SHARE - Teach as you learn, learn as you teach would recommend the wise silent yogi sage Baba Hari Dass. In order to integrate who we are fully, we need to share who we are with the world. For some it will be the growth of a new career, for some, it will be turning a beloved hobby into a profitable venture. Entrepreneurial tools and practical life coaching will be gifted to those ready to take that next step.


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