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To be able to reside deep inside our Essence and receive gifts in alignment with our highest Soulheart Evolution we need to live in a "clean" vehicle...

Join me for a 10-Detox for the Body and Mind and return to Radical Self-Love, anchoring the light needed right now.

  • Cleanse your physical body.

  • Cleanse your emotional body.

  • Learn to move overwhelming energies out of your body.

  • Let go of playing small.

  • Put to rest patterns of self-sabotage once and for all.

  • Dare to dream a reality that truly excites your heart.

  • Learn to trust your intuitive guidance.

  • Receive clear messages from your mystical self.

Our RadicalSelf-Love Detox Journey will start gently with a group call on January 16th.


Choose your plan.

All options come with:

  • 1 private online session

  • 2 Group Calls

  • 10 days of teachings and guidance ( videos, guided journeys, articles, writing prompts etc...)

  • Facebook group with recipes

Returning to Love

with 10 days of Organic Cleanse Products


$38.70 of radical detox and Self-Love anchoring per day

Returning to Love

with your own products


$18.70 of Stellar Mentoring per day

Returning to Love

with 1-month of Lifestyle Transformation Products


( save $100 )

$16.25 per day

of ultimate transformation!

Yemaya Indira, aka Yemaya Duby, has traveled the world gathering healing tools and learning from holistic communities and schools for over 30 years.


She has offered Somatic Healing Bodywork, Yoga, Dance and Storytelling, Earth-based Traditions Ceremonies and Nutrition Coaching since the late 80's.


She also owned 2 Healing Centers, one in Marin County, California, and one on the Island of Kauai.

Last year, she gave birth to The Embrace, an online and in-person platform offering mentoring to the Heart of the Matter in the form of private sessions and group programs empowering all to step into their Soul mission and to regain power, purpose and passion.

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