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Hi guys! I'm so glad you're here and excited to share with you the jewels and messages I was born to give a voice to:

I facilitate access to our deep inner world and to the, sometimes, challenging or unfamiliar emotions,  teaching about  the oceanic wave of healing, so one can discover or soar back into Love.
That is my contribution to Humanity’s Evolution in harmony with our environment, as we naturally protect what we love.
When the heart opens and heals, the eyes of the Soul can finally see the beauty and magic that surrounds us.

But what is the Oceanic Wave of Healing do you ask?

The Oceanic Wave of Healing is the name I gave to a very organic, yet, very misunderstood and unjustly condemned human emotional process that needs to be reclaimed and restored if we want to live at one with our planet and save what is left of our Humanity.

I want to avoid you to have to go through the repeated abandonment,

abuse or self-sabotage patterns you might be running with.


I want to support you through the subtle and not-so-subtle PTSD pain, the embarrassment, the puzzlement and the discomfort which might keep you from living the life you long to live.


Not all of us have to live through the unmeasurable pain a light-bearer, a bush-walker in the jungle of the human emotional psyche has to go through to create a map.

I want to give you a map. Not a denial map that covers up the tough parts of the journey and covers your genuine brilliance in the same time. But a profound, real, empowerment map.

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