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Work with Yemaya individually

Intuitive Wisdom Coaching

We will start by addressing your needs for somatic awareness, through a personally designed visualization, followed with an

inquiry into your emotional body and and then guided into an intuitive channel reading using two decks of oracle cards as the grounding map.


This session is offered online or in person and provides you with the impact of clarity for your next step, the dynamic insight and possible resolution of a concerning situation, no matter the depth, and

the freedom born out of emotional release and powerful reflective loving empowerment .

Ask for our rate by session and our package of 3

Bones of Freedom

A new evolution of the Rosen Method Bodywork:

Discover a new freedom of choice and movement as you lastingly dismantle long-held unconscious patterns of Body and Mind, emotional trauma, physical restrictions and protective attitudes

in a compassionate, empowering body-based format.

Dive into the heart of the matter, figuratively and literally and have a chance to experience Yemaya's uniquely comforting expert touch:

Physical Benefits:

  • Injury Recovery

  • Acute Pain Relief: Sciatica, Whiplash, Sacro-iliac joint issues

  • chronic tensions

  • Natural Realignment

  • Ultimate Freedom of Movement

  • Effortless Breathing


Emotional Benefits:

  • Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attack Recovery

  • Trauma Healing

  • Aliveness and Vitality

Ask for our per session rate and our intro package of 3
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