The deeper we dive,

the highest we fly...


You've worked hard on yourself.

You know that Life is a Journey and that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

You feel that you have gifts and a powerful destiny to share...

But you've been through numerous challenges and set backs of many sorts and you are ready for a more Grace-filled Life!


Living in Magic,

Dancing with the Divine,

We move from

Trauma to Artistry.


Regain your Power of Flow - the Ultimate Stress Remedy.

Our First Gateway:

Living in Magic

In this 6-week Course you will gain and experience:


Module 1 - Laser-sharp body awareness - allows us to notice and track our contractions to the root cause and support us to stay current in the body and mind.

Module 2 - Receptiveness to change - when the feminine part of us is grounded in safety and trust, we can navigate life shifting sands in choice instead of being blinded with fear and reactivity.

Module 3 - Pulsing creative guidance - we are fabulous vessels of alchemical force. Once in proper partnership with our creative center we can bask in the light of aligned wo/man/ifest/ation.

Module 4 - Compassionate radiant starlight heart - remembrance of all ancient commitments supports releasing pain and resentment and allow us to embrace a path with our hearts aligned, cultivating gratitude.

Module 5 - Sacred space summon -  the power of our words and leadership is often misused. Learn to work with resonnance to receive the magic you summon.

Module 6 - Reclaiming our innocence ritual - elevate your frequency. Forgive your lineage. Rest in the mystery.

Module 7 - Vertical trust - the depth in the power of Below, the magnetism of the power of above… dance ecstatically with the Sacred.



Register by May 11 and receive my Remembering the Love We're Coming From Course as a bonus gift.


We trust our hearts calling and aim higher than ever before...

We become the sacred vessels we truly are...

I am birthing Living in Magic just for you...