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The deeper we dive,

the highest we fly...


You've worked hard on yourself.

You know that Life is a Journey and that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

You feel that you have gifts and a powerful destiny to share...

But you've been through numerous challenges and set backs of many sorts and you are ready for a more Grace-filled Life!

I am birthing Living in Magic just for you...


Living in Magic,

Dancing with the Divine,

We move from

Trauma to Artistry.

Regain your Power of Flow - the Ultimate Stress Remedy.

Our First Gateway:
Living in Magic
In this 6-week Course you will gain and experience:
Module 1 - Trust in the Body - Regain trust in your body and show up in a way your body can trust you!
Develop laser-sharp body awareness - allowing you to notice and track your contractions to the root cause and supports you to stay current in your body and mind.

Module 2 - Heal with Forgiveness - Reclaim your innocence and elevate your frequency. Forgive your lineage. Learn the art of ritual and rest easy in the Mystery.

Module 3 - Understand and Master Anger as Creative Power - we are fabulous vessels of alchemical force. Once in proper partnership with our creative center we can bask in the light of aligned wo/man/ifest/ation.

Module 4 - Be Receptive to Change - when the feminine part of us is grounded in safety and trust, we can navigate life-shifting sands in choice instead of being blinded by fear and reactivity. We open to the flowing Radiance of Heart-Full Feminine Magic.

Module 5 - Summon Sacred Space and Right Placement -  the power of our words and leadership is often misused. Learn to work with resonnance and alignment to receive the magic you summon.

Module 6 - Remember. Awareness of all ancient commitments supports the release of pain and resentment and allows us to embrace a path with our hearts engaged and to cultivate our attitude of gratitude.

Module 7 - Vertical trust - the depth in the power of Below, the magnetism of the power of above… dance ecstatically with the Sacred.

Register by June 5th and receive my Remembering the Love We're Coming From Course as a bonus!


Here is how it works:

Living in Magic is offered in 4 Gateways which build on each other but stand on their own.

You might feel called to commit to the whole journey, or to chose one particular topic.

The first Gateway, Living in Magic is our foundation piece.

We look deep within and make peace with any part of the past that is still holding us back from our Freedom, Wisdom, Magic and Mastery, particularly our abandonment experience (s) and how they created ramifications in most areas of our lives.

This is Yemaya's expertise inspired by her own life's experience and the 30 years of Somatic Healing / Rosen Method Bodywork practice she offered internationally and translated into life-changing online programs for The Embrace since 2018.

Be prepared to have your mind and heart blown open and

to see your life reflect the peace and

the beauty you will reach within!


The second Gateway, Create Magic is about our place and offering in the world.

Inspired from Yemaya's first program The Earth Guardians Impact Academy, it is the very best support you can receive if you are a new entrepreneur, or in-between careers, or have a project you need help birthing.

6 guest teachers have jumped within this Gateway to co-teach with Yemaya and assist you to find the Freedom in your visioning, activation and creation of your next step on a planet that needs your unleashed brilliance!

The third Gateway, Love Magic is...well that...; )


From receiving the Beloved in the flesh to learning new ways to conflict-resolve with your partner or other family members, this gateway helps you extend the deep Self- Love and clear expression of your Soul's passion into all areas of your Life.

Truly exciting and possibly one of the most potent and present ways to be in Love in these magical yet stressful times.

The fourth Gateway, Sacred Portals Magic offers an understanding of the crucial Rites of Passage our society is sorely missing.

It's a passion project longtime due and finally being shared. 

In this last 6-week Gateway you will be trained to facilitate rituals of many kinds, from Birth to Death and everything important in between.

Methodology and technics will be shared but also transmissions from Life experiences, creating an incredible bond between participants and forging a New Earth community many of us long for.

Now for the logistics!

Gateway 1 starts Live June 12th. The end date is...never!

( You can catch up when ready and review the content over and over again ).

The cool thing about starting live with the group is the extra mentoring time you will get from Yemaya during the group calls, and the interactions and relationships building with the other participants.

To witness others being worked with in present time is truly...magical!

It will for sure enrich your experience and transformation.

The Live calls are: June 19th, June 26th, July 12th, and July 19th.

Your Private session is scheduled at the best time for your transformation.

For some, it will be a needed loving push at the beginning, for some a necessary step to dive deeper midway, for some the icing on the cake to help integrate everything.

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