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From Grief to love,

          Trauma to Freedom

As we leave the past behind, only the ability to mourn what we knew and loved allows us to embrace fully the possibilities beckoning us. Our Grief work is the mean to heal our hearts and to move

from Fear to Love and from Trauma to Freedom.

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This program is now closed during the duration of our newest program:

Living in Magic.

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Earth Medicine for  a Humanity in chaos


        During this 3-month journey you will:

  • Cultivate a nourishing relationship with Grief and its many faces.

  • Strengthen your inner guidance system so you move in the world from a place of flow, not force.

  • Learn to navigate your emotions without getting stuck in unhealthy cycles.

  • Release ancestral patterns that are not serving your own evolution.

  • Learn to lead your life from a place of balance between your Deep Feminine Power and your Deep Masculine Power.

So that you:
  • Reach Clarity of Purpose and the Courage to move forward.

  • Find your instinctual, empowered flow as you tune in to the natural rhythms of the planet daily.

  • Feel centered and embody your inner radiance even in the midst of outer chaos.

  • Awaken a new zest for life and a passion that starts from the body.

  • Contribute to the future health of your community and beyond.

  • Consistent support: 2 private sessions and 2 team zoom calls per month.

  • Expansion:  1  Key teaching per week ( via Videos, Guided Journeys, Articles ) following my 7-step map to Regain ( or Gain ) Purpose, Power and Passion.

  • Practical application: Centering Practices, Writing Prompts, Rituals and weekly review with your accountability partner.

  • Inspiration and community: Daily access to the Embrace: Deep Feminine in Action Tribe ( for women AND men ).

  • Diversity of Content: 1 highly sought-after Guest Speaker per month


The Course Framework:


Month 1 - Pulling the Roots out, Clearing our Garden

Module 1 - The Stones in our pockets

This is our introduction to compassionate self-inquiry.
The introduction of the characters in our story and our commitment to take the journey with depth and kindness.

Module 2 - Forgiveness and Mourning

Jumping right in we connect with the child-within in a new way.
We identify a few “key-ages” in our lives that still need some integration and coherence-reset and start with our Forgiveness Practices.

Module 3 - Presence and Choice

We are climbing up the Chakra ladder and stepping into the Fire with the tools of action, boundaries and hone into the power of choice.

Module 4 - Making space for change, engaging Heart and Mind

The power of this course is in large part due to its holistic design. In this module, we release resistance to engaging all parts of self, activating the 5 Bodies or 5 Koshas.
We clear the old patterns, honoring them as part of our survival toolbox, bidding them farewell, and welcoming the new.

Guest Speaker: Kelley Springer,
Spiritual Counselor at Love Wisdom Power - Paths To Wholeness

Month 2 - Feeding the Soil of our Garden

Module 5 - Polishing our seed

How do you work with what you got given?
How do you alchemize challenges of all sorts into a fertile ground for genius?
And what is YOUR unique Soul Gift precisely?

Module 6 - Abandonment

Abandonment, one of the hardest wounds to heal and its many, many facets...

Self-Sabotage, the double head monster.

Expectation versus Freedom.
Plus more foundational tools from cultures from around the world to continue to heal.

Module 7 -  Mastering Clarity

3 steps forward, 2 steps back… Ego purification, mindful practices, Vedic wisdom, the Hendrix.
Our wholeness journey is rarely a straight road.

How to be prepared for the loops and set back...

Module 8 - Identifying Fear using the Body

“Presencing” with the body.

Somatic Integration.

Dance as Medicine.

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Lovejoy - Somatic Educator, Embodied Presencing.


Month 3 - Who I was born to Be

Module 9 - Authentic Expression

Engaging the Mystic Mind: Archetypes and Alignment.


Module 10 -  Time to choose

Recovering the Deep Feminine.
Finding Freedom in  “ Adulting ”.
Cultivating Joy back to Innocence.

Module 11 -  A Deeper Surrender

Releasing control

Cord-cutting ritual.

Guest Speaker: Tulasi Adeva, Somatic Psychology - Learn, Heal, Create

Module 12 -  Self-Love: The true Embrace

Standing in purpose and self-love we heal to wholeness.

Guest Speaker: Vince Chafin ( Mankind Project )

Closing ritual

All this and some Bonuses?? Yup:

* A Guidance Interview with Cheeyah Faroh, Dreamwork Facilitator.

* My Heart of Belonging Class ( covering relationships, prosperity, community and family work ).

Ready to explore if this Life-affirming journey

is for you: Call 808.651.0558


                                         Testimonial from our winter group:

"Years of personal development and therapy led me here, but Yemaya's gentle yet powerful work has finally nudged me over the threshold and unfrozen my inner feminine, making it safe enough to be in this world.

Her approach is deeply experiential and soulful, a rich brew drawing on wisdom traditions from around the world, but the deepest well she draws from is the inner one she has had to dig herself on her own quest for healing.

It has given her such grit and grace."

- Ingrid,  Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, UK

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