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Free Info Session: Earth Guardians Impact Academy
Date: Sunday, November 17th
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Yoga Isla Vista
RSVP as Space is Limited / call or text (805) 225-6050

Learn how healing childhood adversity and life trauma can free you up to truly make the impact on the world that your heart longs to make.

The Earth Guardians Impact Academy provides both the tools and community to be fully empowered so that your unique impact may ripple out into the world.

From that place our work in the world can reach its target effortlessly.

Earth Guardians Impact Academy
November 2019 - February 2020
Start Date: Week of November 18th to 25th, 2019 

Join other Environmental and Social Justice Students, Entrepreneurs and Leaders and reach your next level of impact on the planet.

The next wave of Earth Guardians Impact Academy begins on November 18th and is offered now in a two tracks format of 3-month each.

Are you ready to make YOUR unique impact?

Schedule a Free 30-minute session and find out if  EGIA is for you!

(805) 225-6050 (Space is limited)

Wisdom Beauties
Start by scheduling Your Complimentary Freedom Path Session today!
Call or text: (805) 225-6050

Join other Wisdom Beauties walking through the 3 Gates to Regain Purpose, Power, and Passion.

Recover from the many faces of Loss.

Free yourself from cycles of anxiety, grief, or overwhelm.

Restore passion in your relationships.

Learn to embrace life's cycles as Mother Nature intended.

From Planetary Trauma to Tribal Magic
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

From Birth to Death, Menstruation to Menopause, Seed to Compost, Spring to Winter, we live in a cyclical universe.

Bathed in the River of Life starting in the womb and tears of the Primordial Feminine, Ganga, Durga, Prakriti, Shakti, Papatuanuku, Gaia and the many facets and names of Her journey, our human evolution, whichever gender we embody at this time, requires us to reclaim the Full Power of our Tribal Magic.

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