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12 days of deep listening with Yemaya Indira
Now starting March 13 and ending March 24
Offering you the container to truly listen ~

So much time can be spent on building sandcastles when we move from the outside perspective

the world has for us.
We adopt an attitude of not knowing what is truly calling us, confused by the imprints of society or even our collection of allies.

But when we give ourselves a chance to listen deeply, when we surrender the structure of our egoic mind and open to the coherence that aligns our hearts with our souls, the path opens, wide, and clear.
We can then choose to walk it, or attend to bringing up to speed any remnants of our personality that wants to

keep us safe and small.

In this fabulous upcoming time, this window in our Soulheart Evolution, will you give yourself and our Beloved Gaia, the chance to slow down, listen, and be?
And in the silence and end of Winter's depth, let resonant clarity and courageous knowing  allow your  Emergence   to blossom into aligned action?

Life informs us constantly.

But often, we don’t listen. Like with any dance partner, for a reason or another we step into our own dance step and can fall out of alignment, out of rhythm and into the arms of a new “ lesson “…

This is an offering to help you maximize your time on this

beautiful endangered planet.

An invitation into Coherence. To Emerge back into your true guided Self.

Over and over again. When facing a large crossroads or developing some toolkit

to use when facing any decision.

Over these 12 days together you will receive an email every day to spark some deepening reflection, some writing, some contemplation, and some embodiment of your beautiful self.

They will be around these themes :


  • Foundation of Intuitive Guidance

  • Foundation of Meditation

  • Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind

  • Following the “Juice”

  • Working with the hindrances as gateways

  • Knowing the Self

  • Resting into Her Stillness

  • Trusting the Benevolent Universe

  • Celebration is key

  • Magic is must

  • Improvisation is mastery applied

  • Love, Gratitude, Peace



Move with Coherence

Embody your wisdom

Questions? Write me below or text me at 808.651.0558

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By March 12th  $88

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