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The first month we will be in Air and look at our negative beliefs implantation.


- We will clear the mental energy of what I call the curse…

The curse is the wound that we inherited from our childhood. And if there is anything left from it in our Energetic field it is our responsibility to clear it.


As you know, the precise individual belief that keeps us from living our best life is unique in its appearance but its remedy is thankfully universal …


- We will continue to heal any:

betrayal, abandonment, exclusion, castaway, less than, not chosen…inner feeling.


- We will implement boundaries in the same way we create a sacred space for us to live in.

Inside and out.


We will learn to listen to the wind and read between the lines.

We will focus on intuitive growth and anchor our guidance system.


The second month we will work with Fire.

- We will clear our energy field from any old anger or resentment OR from the Fear of our Own Power.


- We will Reclaim and access the power in Our Body to celebrate our strength, our passion, our joy, our innocence and creativity.

- We will learn to speak our truth with non-violent-communication and use dance as medicine

- Each one of us will get deeply in touch with what truly turns us on.
- We will know what kind of Alchemy is our strongest Magic.

The third month we will be moving into Water, and accessing our Emotional Mastery.

- We will learn to surf the pull of the undertow and remember that we have power over what makes half of what we are...

- We will trust our flow and our Oceanic Wave of Healing.

- We will give ourselves permission to experience our Feminine Magic, our exuberance as well as our silent stillness.

- We will conceive our next offering to ourselves, to our relationship, or to the world…

The fourth month we will ground in Earth.

- We will design a special structure for our offering and learn how to create sacred space everywhere and for everything.

- We will work with the energy of the Guardian and the Warrior, the ones who defend the inner Being against the pull of the dark, of sabotage, of expectations impossible to meet and our relationship to failure.

- Some of us will work with very precise manifestations, business plans, grant-writing and any step necessary to live your best life.

- We will make sure we have the team in place as we prepare for grounding into winter.


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