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Deep Dive to Deep Trust

Deep Dive to
Being unapologically You



The Call to Deep Dive is a very intimate, very hands-on healing journey Yemaya is exceptionally offering to a very small group of mentees and seekers of freedom and wholeness.

This small group will start on 2/22/22 and will complete on 6/15/22 ( Lunar Beltane)







Outer Expression

  • Shamelessly embodied

  • Moving from crystal clear desires and needs

  • Attracting from commitment to your passion

  • Creatively free from the fears of your past

  • Grounding purpose into livelihood


Inner Journey

  • Be complete with the cycles of abandonment dysregulation

  • Become masterful at boundary setting

  • Ride the waves of grief with trust, grace and confidence

  • Own and trust your body's sacred alchemy

  • Deepen the wisdom of your very own magic

  • Silence your mind disruptive chatter with the power of your Sacred Heart ( Unconditional Love )

                 9 Active Modules

                  3 Integration Modules


Some of the themes we will be working with

( the ones I can foresee, knowing more will reveal themselves as we travel together )


  • Self- love and Shame

  • Magnetic Flow in Feminine Prosperity

  • Intuitive Guidance and Grounded Trust

  • Beliefs revision on Wife and Priestess ( can we be both )?

  • Uprooting leftover Fear from the past ( Self-Sabotage recovery ).

  • Building an Entrepreneurial Foundation for our Spiritual and Creative Gift.

  • Your Clear Path to Enlightened Purpose.

  • Shameless Fire is Creative Power.

  • Owning the many stages of trauma healing as personal and archetypal initiation










 teaching and healing schedule

Each month you will receive and participate in:


  • 3 Group Calls  ( 90 minutes).

  • 2 Private Mentoring Sessions per month ( 60 minutes )

  • 1 Emergency Integration Call ( the equivalent of a "Ask me anything Call" when facing a rough patch or an important decision - 30 minutes)

  • 3 weeks of uniquely designed lessons on The Embrace Online School with videos, writing prompts, homework, rituals, articles, guest teachers and practice sheets.

  • 1 Week off with an Inspiration Theme for Integration.

For your benefit and mine,

applications are required

( Can be done by phone or in Writing )

Would you love to clear trauma out of your 12 bodies of initiation

( energy centers ) and finally live from your Sacred Heart

( this place of immense peace, joy and clarity that we see

the masters live from ? )

I know I do...!

And my purpose is to share this journey with you.


This course is for anyone truly ready to live from the freedom of their Sacred Heart. The place, condition, energy within that does no longer get debilitated by the triggers of C-PTSD.

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