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Walking the spiritual path with grounded feet


Earth Guardians

Impact Academy

For Environmental and Social Justice

Entrepreneurs and Leaders
to reach their next level of Impact on the Planet.

Earth Guardians  Impact Academy

Are you ready for Emotional Sovereignty and

Empowered Freedom?

To reach your goals and impact as Earth Guardians, Visionaries, Protectors of Life?

Star now with our 7-month Life Mastery Program giving you access to your full potential.


Can you imagine:

  • Being free from the weight of the past?

  • The Freedom from the limiting beliefs you acquired from your family dynamics?

  • To be able to create your life from your genuine Self, not from the Self molded in reactions to someone else’s power over you?

  • To have the clarity you deserve to "lead from" in all your interactions?

  • To have access to the inner and outer resources you need when you need them?


Identifying and clearing the pain and limitations of family lineage, acknowledging the inner survivor, relationships as distraction, co-dependency, befriending anger, unleashing true power, transformation through communication, leaning into the tough conversations, letting go of the phoenix rising cycles and more.









Reveal_10 Days_Self_Awarness_Yemaya_Renu

Reveal Course

A 10-Day Healing  Journey

Remember the deep ancient wisdom within your own Indigenous Heart, as you reconnect with your personal mythology and the precious sacredness of Gaia, the Earth Mother.

Discover and anchor new practices giving you the spark and courage to meet the world with your fearless heart, your clear mind and to create a joyful, purposeful path.

In this 10 day course, participants have an in-depth experience of the 3 steps that are the core structure of Yemaya's work: Embrace, Express, Release.

You will get:

  • 1-hour individual Intuitive Wisdom Coaching

  • 10 Daily lessons

  • A private Facebook group for peer support, accountability and connection

  • 8 Guided Meditations on mp3

  • Full year access for replay


Healing Our Stories

Buried Stories

A 5-hour workshop for professionals and individuals ready to address the underlying causes of dis-ease.

This time together will evolve into 3 parts:

1. Discover the lay of the land - Emotional Anatomy - Where the Breath lost its way - Muscle whispering. We will train our eyes and hands to see and touch in new ways.

2. Create Trust, the ground where the story can emerge - Dropping into Sacred Space- Nervous system and relaxation- Words that open gateways
We will learn to hear and use language as keys to emotional unwinding

3. Identify, Embrace, Release- Body-Mind connection and cellular memory- Trusting the emotional wave- Coming through empowered and grounded. We will organically land to hold ourselves and others with compassion and grace

Based on Bones of Freedom, Somatic Bodywork, the Rosen Method and Dance as Medicine infused with Yemaya’s strong Aloha, sense of humor and compassion for our human experience.

This workshop will be offered again as as an online Bodywork Training Course this coming winter. Stay tuned!

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