Barbara Bain

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Barbara Bain is an Indigenous woman and enrolled member of the Shasta Indian Nation of Northern California. Barbara's life work is devoted to reconnecting humanity with dream and vision as vital places of knowledge that help us create personal and community consciousness and wellbeing.


Currently, Barbara is a Ph.D. Candidate in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She holds an M.A. in Depth Psychology and a M.S. in Cultural and Natural Resource Management.


She specializes in Indigenous psychology, decolonization, and Indigenous land and resources. Barbara is a Dream Ambassador with the Global Dream Initiative, and an advanced Certified Dream Tender with master dream worker Stephen Aizenstat.


Barbara offers presentations and workshops on dreaming and dream work, and an array of themes engaging Depth Psychology. She can be reached for individual, group, and community dream work sessions through her practice Indigenous Awakening Consulting at

The Offering:


Dreaming assists us in building trust with ourselves on the deepest inner level.


By having a deeper relationship with what we are dreaming, and where dreams reveal particular realities and relationships in our lives, we become the experts and authorities of our own realities.


Dreams help us see our personal power and themes of psychological liberation as they authentically nourish our wholistic wellbeing.


Dream acts as an inner compass that shows us our sacred calling, personal medicine, and gifts and talents.


Dream work, the process of working with dreams, reveals who we are with the sacred and material worlds, and the quality of relationship we experience with ourselves and others.


Engaged dream work invites the complexity and intelligence of Creation into our world to reveal consciousness and personal knowledge that would otherwise remain unknown.


As a process of trust, we will invite Dream to shows us how to work with and address personal issues, as we tend our personal power and soul's truth rather than consistently seeking it in the outer world.

We explore how dreams can be trusted to illuminate the deepest aspects of our inner world as it stands in relationship to the outer world. Dreams, will, literally, show us the way.


As part of our engagement with trust and dream, a basic skill set for working with dreams will be offered. This skill set will be practiced by working with the participant's own dream journal, created over the course of the program.


From this journal, a personal dream council will be created that can be consulted with and built upon throughout one's life. Personal consultations will be offered separately for those who want to go deeper into their dream life.