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David Hofstatter

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David Hofstatter is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience ranging from ideation to IPO and beyond.  He is an active impact investor, and serves as founder, advisor, director or chairman to a number of projects and organizations focused on collective intelligence approaches to innovation at the ecosystem, platform, and application level, all aimed at convergence towards whole systems.  He is living in service to creating sustainable and life-affirming for-profit solutions that are a mirror of their fully conscious and awake creators. He is most passionate about the potential for solutions to hyper-complexity that exists through integral personal development, access to trans-personal intelligence and alignment of capital to purpose.


His specialties are: Innovation through self innovation (see, Industrial Ecology,  Go-To-Market UX Design and Market Validation, Sustainably Profitable Business Models, Growth Strategies, Exit Strategies, Initial Public Offerings, Governance, Legal Affairs.


David has been an advisor for The Embrace from the conception stage.


He will offer his profound wisdom and visionary guidance to our cohort and facilitate a process of deep inquiry for leadership and application from vision to creation.

Anya Zama Deva

Anya Zama Deva.jpg

Anya Zama Deva is a visionary new earth stewardess, artist, alchemist, and creatrix who has immersed herself in an eclectic array of spiritual paths, practices, and holistic healing arts for the last 20 years. As a priestess of this new paradigm she's devoted to walking the wild and humbling path of awakening and remembrance by activating our full spectrum magnificence through emBODYing our divine potential within our precious body temple!


She offers akashic oracle readings and hands on healing, stewards superfoods, and works as a transformational health & ascensional guide, ceremonial priestess, sonic alchemist, DJ, and digital artist.


Anya is a huge proponent of tapping into and sharing our heART's sacred vision in service to the pure expression of the heart of Creation and as the guiding light of our soul's divine mission on this planet. She is guided to co-create multidimensional healing and evolutionary experiences for soul tribe in support of the intricate personal and collective ascension process and birthing of a New Earth consciousness... in devotion to the future generations living and thriving upon our blessed Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia Sophia... in celebration of the magic, mystery, and dance of LIFE!


Her musical and visual artistry offerings will support of Visionary Journey in the realm of the 6th Chakra.

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