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Surya Kramer

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Surya is best known for her pioneering work in the area of emotional awareness and relational intelligence. She is a passionate teacher, healer, and certified hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience accelerating human development.


As a performing artist, she explored and mapped the delicate terrain of emotional wounds, bringing light into the dark spaces of human experience that social conditioning insists we repress and deny.


This exploration led her to create Nature’s Way, a mastery course for authentic expression.


In recent years, Surya Kramer has been working to build new models in the social arena.


A skilled sounding board and guide, she has a unique ability to shepherd groups as they map out a social blueprint that affords maximum stability and agility.


Keenly aware of subtle dynamics that are often invisible to the naked eye, Surya attends to organizational dynamics with precision, integrity and enormous compassion.

The Offering:


Warriors for Right Relationship  


This class will share how to embed healing cultural DNA into the center of your social design.  We will dive into the roots of why it is so important to value our full spectrum expression, vital for healthy social systems -from the individual into the greater community.


Knowing our Super Powers of Expression, as our divine right, we are a part of this seed of change in social awareness. Through understanding the power of vulnerabilities and our evolving expression of right relationships, we change the world through how we express.

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