We will meet in nature and receive the power of the elements to renew or remember ancient vows of Wholeness, empowering each other through witnessing, Somatic wisdom, movement (Dance and Qi Gong), sound, and ritual magic.

We will share the stories we have kept for ourselves and find power and compassion where there was shame, anger, guilt, or self- hatred.

We will claim our right to pleasure and peace, nourishment and right relationship.


This Ritual Ceremony is for you if you ever have been sexually violated, have found solace in promiscuity, or have lost trust in your sensuality.


Let's look at 3 of many life scenarios:

- When we have been violated at a young age, we might experience difficulties being fully grounded in the body and staying in present time. Triggers can have us freeze or find ways to escape our full presence.

It can influence our life in subtle or not-so-subtle ways, keeping us from what our hearts truly desire.

When our system is strong enough to remember what happened, we might not have the tools to reorganize ourselves with the memories and the gruesome information.

- When some kind of violation has happened later in life we might blame ourselves for finding ourselves in a situation of helplessness. We might reject our feminine power - our birthright to be sensual and sexual.

Making the choice to " revirginize " ourselves help us take our power back.

- When we have been shamed for being fully embodied, we might temper our beauty and strength. We might dim our light OR throw it in the world's face in unhealthy ways.

Coming together with sisters that might have had similar experiences, guided and held with a professional, we can reclaim our innocence, fully grieve what was lost and reset our lives in the direction of power, self-love and fierce compassion.

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